So this is me

I am a frontend web developer based in Basingstoke. I’ve worked with many design agencies in London, Hampshire and Surrey and have many clients based around the world.

I offer many services:

  • PSD to HTML
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • WordPress
  • WordPress Training
  • Responsive development
  • Email Marketing
So I was born and raised in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, with my parents and three brothers. Two of my brothers worked as web developers and programmers. So they were forever showing me all the cool new things they had discovered about the world of internet. So from a very young age their influence on web development was huge for me.

I lived here until I was 21 and moved to Farnham to study Advertising and Brand Management at university. Like everyone says, university time was some of the best years of my life :)

In university I dabbled in web design and graphics but soon realised I was much more of a coder and enjoyed creating websites throughout my course. Most of the course work that we did was working in groups of four. One designer, one developer, one marketer and one account manager. So this worked great for me as even though I understand and love design, another member of the group could design it in photoshop and I could put it all together and make a working website.

The great part about the course was that I got a great understand of design, how account management worked and how to work with a marketing team.

So after university, I stayed in Farnham as it was such a lovely town and close to London.

I got myself 2 little kittens and found a lovely house to live in.

I had decided I wanted to work for myself, so I set up my own website and started networking. Almost instantly I found myself some good clients, building their small business websites and giving them marketing advice. I also found a design agency that I started working for 3 days a week. This slowly increased to 4 days and then 5 days. I loved working here so much and they started to give me so much responsibilty that I became a full time employee.

My responsibilities included:

  • Project planning meetings to discuss how a site will be build and what is needed to achieve the brief
  • Working with the designer to make sure functionally what they design will work.
  • Building HTML from PSD’s
  • Installing CMS’s (mainly Typo3 and WordPress)
  • Building my HTML into the CMS’s
  • Training the client on how to use it
  • Email marketing
  • Creating HTML emails for clients to use
  • Training people on how to use email marketing
  • Being my own account manager from time to time when I could manage the client myself

I worked here for five and a half years and really enjoyed my time there. It came to a point in my life that I wanted to become a freelancer again and learn more and work with other people to build my knowledge.

So I sadly left my full time job and worked three days a week with a Travel Agents helping them build up their online presence. I then had two days a week concentrating on networking and working with other designers.

I was flat out doing this for three and a half years until I couldn’t cope with the work load and found another developer to take my place at the Travel Agents so that I could concentrate on my other work. It worked out really well for everyone.

For the last three and a half years I have been working on and off with a couple of design agencies and lots of small businesses all over the world and I love it. It’s so diverse and I have worked on many many interesting projects from top London Pilates businesses to govenment run websites, many many wordpress sites from small to large multi language sites and ecommerce sites using Magento and WordPress.

I’m very fortunate to feel that nothing phases me. If someone asks me if it’s possible to do something, I will make it my mission to make it work. The reason I feel this is because it is a great way of learning new things for me and I love to share my knowledge with other designers and developers.

I am a member of many web development groups online and try to participate in helping people grown their knowledge and help them solve problems.

So I love what I do :)

At this moment in time I love what I’m doing and I want to do more and more of it and carry on working with design agencies and clients I meet through networking.

Exciting for me is another aspect of what I do has grown, and that is WordPress training. I have put on many wordpress training courses to teach people how to use it correctly and take away that fear of them breaking it! I try to give people the confidence to use their websites more often and use it as their marketing tool. To many people I have met, have a lovely well designed and built site but they don’t use it because they dont know how or have forgotten how. So I train these people :)

I also offer one to one support for those who just have a couple of questions about something they have forgotten or helping people with a solution.

For me now, I want to carry on working with and meeting designers, design agencies and anyone who has a project that they would love help on. Why don’t you contact me for a chat :)